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All the Items above are for sale or hire, please contact us with details of your requirements and we will come up with the best solution for you.


All the images above are reproduced with the kind permission of Yale Industrial Products - Tractel Group - Camlok Lifting Clamps - Red Rooster - Brierley Lifting Tackle.


Yale Chain Block
Ratchet Lever Hoist
Mini Lever Hoist
Tralift Chain Block

Yale Chain Block

SWL 250kgs - 20t Various H.O.L Starting at 3mtr

Ratchet Lever Hoist

SWL 750kgs - 10t Standard H.O.L 1.5mtr

Mini Lever Hoist

SWL 250kgs Standard H.O.L 1.5mtrs

Tralift Chain Block

SWL 250kgs - 20t Various H.O.L Starting at 3mtr

Tirfors T500

Lifting and pulling machines SWL 800kgs, 1600kgs, 3200kgs. Ropes available at various lengths

Tirfor TU

Similar to T500 range, these machines are more suited to heavy duty useage

Beam Clamp

Used as a suspension point on runway beams etc. Can also be used for lifting beams

Push Travel Trolley

For use with hoists which need to traverse along the beam

Horizontal Plate Clamp

Used for lifting sheets of steel. Must be used in pairs.

Vertical Plate Clamp

Used for lifting single plates and can lift from horizontal to vertical.

Minifor Hoist

Portable electric hoist (supply 110V, 220V or 415V). Unlimited length of hoist cable.

Dynafor Load Cell

Used where you need to weigh a load. Available 250Kgs - 250t

Air Hoist  

From 250Kg - 75t. HOL start at 3mtrs. Pendant or Cord Control. Trollies or Clamps are available.

Electric Hoist  

Supply 110V, 240V(1Ph) or 415V (3 Ph). Hook Suspn or Trolley Mounted. HOL start at 3mtr

Pulley Block

For use with Wire or Fibre Rope. Snatch type as above or Single or Multiple Sheave. Various SWL's and Head Fittings

Portable Hand __Weight__

Usually for hire, but we can sell if you need to buy. We also have for hire, block weights up to 1t