Techno Lift Services
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Lifting Loops for Installation in Lift Shafts (Specifically designed for Kone Plc)


Drill Through - These are designed with a Bolt to be installed through a pre-drilled hole in the concrete slab. Then fitted with a Back Plate and secured with Hex Nut & Split Pin. Available in SWL's of 10kN to 40kN.
Drill Fix These are designed to be attached to steelwork (either existing or supplied by Techno-Lift). Availalble in SWL's of 10kN to 40kN.


Pul lift
Chain Block


Cast-In These are installed using a 'Cast In' Socket, which is supplied to site in advance to have the Sockets cast into the concrete. During the installation we will secure using small throughbolt. Available in SWL's of 10kN to 40kN

This is an outline of the actual Loop i.e the dia of the Bar and the drop from underside the plate to the bearing point of the Loop.

Any other dimensions you may require are available on request.






If you require any further information on the Loop System, don't hesitate to call Kenny or Eddie on 0141 882 4403


We can supply beams for installation in Lift Shafts, by others and tested when in situ. These beams can be fitted with Loops (if required) as mentioned above.